Scenes of the deep south

I’m going to end my rant on Savannah on some previews of the gorgeous scenery! We lucked out with absolutely beautiful weather the whole time we were there! It didn’t start raining until it was our time to leave. The temperature was in the high 60’s-low 70’s during the day and in the 50’s at night. Just gorgeous.

Forsyth Park

The beautiful Spanish moss that was all over the trees

Forsyth Fountain

One of the 22 squares in which Savannah is made up of. So pretty!

Chippewa square is where the famous scene of Forrest Gump on his bench was taken. We picked a bench and made it our Forrest bench. The actual bench for the movie is now in a museum in Savannah.

This is where we stayed- it was called a Carriage house. So perfect for the week!

This was our absolute favorite street of the whole city. House #3 to be exact.  When we retire from nursing, we’re moving here 🙂

These are just a few examples of the beautiful homes.

This church has the tallest point in Savannah. Also, it’s beautiful!

This is the only Catholic church in Savannah.

I loved the streets by the river were cobblestone!

Now to end with Tybee Island. This beautiful beach is about 20 minutes outside Savannah. We saved this for our last day, and it was perfect! It is a very small island, and the weather was perfect for us to have a walk on the beach!

All along the beach, there were swings facing the ocean. It’s a perfect setting!

I hope you have a chance to visit this beautiful place! Maybe you can stay here..

This is Paula Deen’s beach house, Y’all Come Inn! We had to drive and find it 🙂 SO cute!

I highly suggest visiting Savannah! It’s a great city, charming people, and beautiful scenery!

God Bless yall,


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