We are foodies of Savannah

I have so many pictures from our trip, that a  blog post would be 10 pages long if I tried to put them all in. Instead of doing one long post, I’m going to condense it.
First, one of the best perks of our trip, the food. Anywhere from fresh seafood to good ole home cooking, we had it. Throw in a few trips to the local coffee shops, a candy kitchen, and a bakery and our trip is covered!

Day 1: We arrived to Savannah later in the evening, so we just ventured out into the city. Krystal and I both read Peanut Butter Fingers blog.  We had seen her post about the Moon River Brewing Company in Savannah, and decided to try it out! It is a very laid back restaurant (and open later!), so we had our first meal here!

This restaurant had tons of fresh seafood on the menu!! It was so good! Obviously I was starving because I didn’t decide to take a picture until after I had almost finished devouring this plate.

Here I laid out exactly what was on my plate. The Gouda scalloped potatoes…OH MY LORD!! So amazing! And the Tuna just melted in my mouth! Such a yummy place 🙂

Day 2: We started off our morning at a local coffee house called The Sentinent Bean, conveniently located down the street from our little house! Their house coffee was delicious! Their pastries were vegan…and actually really good! Don’t worry, I’m not converting to veganism.

For lunch that day, we went to River Street. There were a lot of restaurants to choose from, so we used Yelp to find Tubby’s Tank House.

Fresh seafood + amazing view on a deck + beautiful weather + acoustic music= happy girls.

I got a Shrimp Po Boy and Krystal got a Crab Cake sandwich. Both were so fresh and delicious!

Our entertainment was provided by this girl! She had a beautiful voice, and sang covers of songs I love.

Then, we found the Savannah Candy Kitchen, located right down the street from Tubby’s. Candy from wall to wall! All kinds of homemade goodies!

I bought 2 dark chocolate covered pretzels, a white chocolate covered oreo, and a dark chocolate oreo. Their homemade chocolate was divine! I could have bought everything made with dark chocolate in that store!

Dinner was at this place:

The Lady and Sons restaurant. Have you ever heard of Paula Deen? Oh yes, this is her restaurant. Down home, southern home cooking! We were both looking forward to this the whole trip!

You can’t beat Paula’s fried chicken! Her buffet is out of this world! Great Southern cooking that I grew up on! We even had dessert with it! I picked peach cobbler and Krystal had her famous banana pudding! We definitely slept well that night!

Last but not least, I want to cover this amazing bakery we went to on Day 3! It is called Back in the Day Bakery! It is so cute inside! The people that work there are some of the most friendly and kindest people I have met! The owner of this bakery has been on the Paula Deen show a few times, so this is how we heard of it.

If you venture to Savannah, you must visit these places! They were all so good in their on way! Sorry this was a rather long post! I feel the pictures explain much more than words!

Next post, I will show you the gorgeous scenery of the town!

God Bless,


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