The rockin’ and rollin’ half

I am overdue for a race post! Especially since I shared with all of you that I wanted to run a half marathon this year. Well, I can say BEEN THERE and DONE THAT now ūüôā I love meeting goals! I would LOVE to share with you all how it went, if you are willing to read (well mainly it will be pictures).
Krystal, Beth, and I  arrived in Dallas bright and early at 6am to Fair Park. We hopped on a bus and were transported to the race start line located in front of Dallas City Hall.

This was our view for the morning! Love the big city ūüôā As we waited for 8 to roll around, we¬†ate our protein packed breakfasts and got¬†each other¬†pumped!

We had our race energy sources out and ready! Whoever invented Gu Chomps is my hero! I love anything gummy, and they are easy to eat while running!

 When race time finally came around, we lined up in our corral. We were in corral 8. In the midst of the sea of people, we were highly entertained by this guy:

He was pretty awesome!! Finally, 8am rolled around and the race started! It took 5-10 minutes to get up to the start line, so the anticipation, anxiety, excitement all started to build during this time!

As we¬†were off, music was blasting and the¬†crowd was cheering! So fun!! The fun part about the¬†Rock¬†‘N Roll series¬†are the bands! Every few miles or so during the race, there is a band¬†set¬†up jamming while we run. Within¬†the first mile, we passed a band, so while I was still energized I snapped a picture.

It was a gorgeous morning! I tried to take a few scenic pictures while running, and caught a few!

¬†One of my favorite parts of the race was running through Highland Park. If you don’t know Dallas, this is a very prestigious neighborhood. The houses are huge and very gorgeous! When we entered into the neighborhood, there were tons of people out and the firefighters even had a little salute to us.

I would say the hardest part of the race for me was around mile 8-9. I kept¬†having that¬†thought in my head that I still have¬†so many miles to go, what is¬†wrong with me? But I kicked those aside and thought positive, said a little prayer and kept going!¬†Honestly all that mattered to me was finishing¬†the race within our goal time.¬†We also had warmer weather than what we trained with. It was in the upper 60’s-low 70’s during the run. Thankfully there was ALOT of shaded areas we ran through! The race finished in Fair Park, and as we entered the park we could hear the announcers talking about the finish line. It made me want to run as hard as I could to that finish line. It felt so close yet it was still a mile into Fair Park. When we did get to that finish line, it felt amazing!! Knowing what you have just accomplished and what your body endured makes all the training worth it. Krystal and I went straight for the water and cold towels. Got some delicious chocolate milk, oranges,¬†Gatorade, ¬†and went to stretch! We treated ourselves to some Twisted Root (needed to add the sodium back into our cells after sweating it out)! I went home showered, put on my compression socks, and took a nap! Great way to end the day ūüôā

I’m thankful we finished 13.1 miles within our goal!
I’m thankful I have a best friend who is crazy enough to do this with me!
I’m thankful for a Lord who is faithful through and through. When you feel like you are losing hope, pray to Him, and He will give you the strength you need. His love never fails.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

God Bless,


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