Texas Spring is here

Well the storm season has officially arrived in Texas. It was to be expected with our very very mild winter.

This is a random entry, but this is just one of those days I want to remember.

So let us begin…

I worked last night so of course I came home, ate breakfast, attempted to watch a show and fell asleep. The usual.
Around 1:30pm I start hearing my phone go off. I’m thinking, “Oh they don’t know I’m sleeping so I will just call them back..” However since it was one right after the other, I decided to finally answer. My friend Bethers was the lucky one to wake me up! ha!

Then I called my mom, who was rounding up these two crazies.

Then I called my hubby who was at work, asked if there was anything I should grab of his to be saved. I obviously, in my sleepy state, was focused on what to put in my safe spot rather than actually stay in there. He had to go, so then I just called my sis/bestie/calm in the storm, Krystal.

I had my little breakdown, then got over it. I don’t even know why I worry, seriously. All that matters are the people around me, my health, and surviving.

Thankfully it wasn’t too bad where all of my friends and family were! This definitely gives a jumpstart on storm season! Oh the joys of Texas…but I still love it 🙂
I took a before the storm and after picture to show my insanity during it all…

Here is my “safe spot.” Like how our security box is a shoe box? Yea, that’s just the best. I had 4 pillows in that pile…why? Extra padding! Why I put my camera bag in there? Apparently it is becoming one of those things attached to me. I literally laid on the floor, news blaring from the other room, on the phone with Krystal. Yea it’s madness.

After everything passed, a few more phone calls, and calming down some. I decided to get dressed and treat myself to Starbucks (or really they treated me…free drink coupon!).

Yup. And it was delicious to the last sip.

Best things about storms? The calming effect after the storm! I went out and took a few shots of the sky…it was so gorgeous tonight! The Lord always reveals His majesty.

Anyways, I’m thankful for a wonderful mom and friends who check on me and who all survived with me 🙂 Prayers were definitely answered with the rain and the safety of everyone involved in these storms. There have been no fatalities reported as of right now! Praise God!!
God Bless,


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