My furry child’s big day

I never thought I would be that person. But I am. I spoil my dog.
Not overly, but just enough to where she knows she is loved :).

Lizzie turned 2 last weekend on St. Patty’s Day. We don’t know if that is her actual birthday or not, but it is about 8 weeks from when we got her. We both agreed St. Patty’s day would be an easy day to remember. So what did we do to celebrate you ask? Well let me just show you….

We loaded her up and headed over to Three Dog Bakery, a local place that sells the cutest treats for dogs!! You wouldn’t think so, but it smells like a divine bakery when you walk in. All of their treats are natural and not entirely too bad for dogs. It is worth the trip over there.

This was what I mainly went for. Humans have cake and cupcakes for their birthday, so why shouldn’t dogs? Of course they were green for St. Patty’s day too!

Please can I have a pupcake mom??
(how can you resist that face?)

She of course got a free sample…a girl after my own heart. These were called “Boxer Brownies.”

 How fun is this? They had little birthday hats for the dogs! You can tell how thrilled she was 🙂

After sniffing around the bakery, we headed over to Liz’s favorite store to visit…Petsmart.

Dad, let’s go! I’m ready!

She is like a typical child, wants to go where she wants.

While there, we picked up the toy that is her absolute favorite! She only gets this on special occasions, because she starts eating the stuffing out of it after a few days. She loves to play with it, but just terrorizes the poor thing.

We call him, “Bobo.”
(I think we are on Bobo #5-6? I’ve lost count)

After playing tug of war with poor Bobo for a little while, I put out her pupcake and she was in heaven!

I wish I had a picture of her with icing all over her face, but unfortunately I have a clean eater. 🙂

You’re probably shaking your head at this post, but it was fun to read. What can I say, I’m married without kids, just loving on my furry one right now. I love to love on her.
Happy Birthday Liz!!

God Bless,


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