My best friends’ wedding….Anniversary

Today is my one of my best friend’s 2nd year wedding anniversary!! A little history into our friendship…the first memory I have of Mrs. Lindsey is from youth group. I remember my first day in our caregroup, she was one of the most friendly and sweetest people I had ever met. She was definitely a reason I kept coming back. Our friendship has grown so much throughout high school to now! We are sisters in Christ and in life. We are the LA girls. She is one of the people I know will always be a part of my life and my family! Here are some pictures from over the years:

This is one of our earlier pictures. We were at a Valentine’s Day party and just happened to have the same shirt on 🙂 It was meant to be!

This is from a By The Tree concert. We were huge fans at the time, and went to as many concerts as we could!

This was at a friend’s wedding before we went off to college.

We always made a point to have LA girl dates when I would be home from college. I love love our girl times together 🙂

Here we are on the night before my wedding. Of course, she was a beautiful bridesmaid in my wedding! I couldn’t have made it through that day without her by my side!

Here we are at her wonderful wedding!! We both were each other’s confidants throughout our relationships with our now husbands. I loved getting to watch her marry her other half on her special day!!

Lindsey Lou, I love you! Handy Manny, I’m so happy you are part of her life and that you make her so happy!! I love you both, soo happy for you 🙂

Happy 2 year Anniversary to the Escamillas!!!



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