Oh wow, have these past 2 months flown by…
I started training for my half in January, and I feel like it has kept me so busy! In a good way. Running has been such a good outlet just to think through things lately. The farther I run, the more I become lost in my thoughts. Ask me what songs I listen to while runnning…I could probably tell you the first and last song but none in between. I’ve overcome some trials as well. My achilles tendon started acting up on my right foot, I backed off, and now it is better. I also learned the value of good shoes. Wow. Never knew running would wear them down SO fast! Me and my best friend are less than a month away now from our half, both of us are nervous/excited.

In the past 2 weeks, we have done 3 runs. Allow me to share some pictures 🙂

First was The Color Run ! It was held at Fair Park in downtown Dallas. Every 1K, they throw a powdered color at you! so so fun! Our team was Team Razzmatazz, we were pretty awesome!

Team Razzmatazz: Krystal, Beth, & Beth, and me behind my phone

Here was our attempt to jump. Didn’t happen with my camera…but

Beth managed to catch one with her camera!! So fun 🙂 Ps-check out her site! She is a great photographer!!

My favorite part of the race:

The color burst finale!! Every 15 minutes, they shot out additional bursts of color into the air. It was greatness!!

Next race, was The Cowtown 10k.

This race started way too early. I am not an early person by any means…hence why I work night shift (I probably use that reference more than I should…but it is true). The race set off bright and early at 7am.

I do have to say, running to the sunrise was beautiful! The cowtown was a cool and breezy run. There were rolling hills, but nothing too crazy. We really enjoyed this race! We even got medals…

 I ran this with Beth, Krystal, and my hubby. We met up with some of our other friends (shout out to Leah and Paul!) post race for some amazing breakfast…YUM. Nothing like waking up early, running off calories, then eating some good calories.

Oh and we were entertained post race by these guys. The showed up to the race in mini race cars, so funny!

Last but not least, this past weekend I participated in the Trinity River Levee Run. They recently built a bridge near downtown Dallas, and they have been holding all kinds of events on the bridge before they open it to the public. They had a 5K and 10K this past weekend. My husband and I did the 10K together. Definitely had a bout of burning lungs during this run thanks to congestion from allergies! Surprisingly we actually ran it in the same amount of time as the Cowtown! Goes to show, running has a lot of mind games involved. If you choose to focus on the goal, you can do anything you set your mind to! Here are some pictures from the event:

Thanks to Bethy for capturing the picture of us finishing. I love how excited Greg was… 🙂

T-minus  20 daysto the half. I will try to update more! I have plenty of catching up to do!

Thanks for reading!
God Bless,


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