Delight yourself

Hello first post of 2012!
A new year with new adventures 🙂
Ready to get set on my goals!

So far this year has been great! I have been so blessed by my wonderful friends and family! Here are some things I’m striving towards this year:


One of my new goals is going to be to try to blog more and facebook less. It has become such a hot spot for people to create drama and it just isn’t really worth my time anymore. I want to focus on things I enjoy…


Surprisingly, over the last year, I’ve grown to love running again. I trained and completed a marathon in 2006 and have just been doing 5k’s here and there since.
I participated in several 5K’s and even a 10K last year and my body has grown accustomed to it again. My husband and best friend have become great running partners. My bestie and I signed up for a half marathon! The Dallas Rock ‘n’ Roll Half to be exact!! One of my good friends at work did it last year, and Peanut Butter Fingers has also given us some inspiration to do it! We started training this week and are so excited! We will be participating in the Color Run 5K in Dallas and the Ft. Worth Cowtown 10k prior to the half as well! I’m so so excited!!

Last year, I participated in an event called the Big D Climb. It was a 52 story stair climb up Fountain Place in Dallas. I will be participating again this year in a few weeks! It should be fun!


I want to do more crafts (thanks Pinterest…post about Christmas crafts soon).


I also want to work on my photography skills more. I love love taking scenic pictures, and am growing to love photographing people. I’ve been so blessed by sweet friends who have allowed me to take pictures for them in the past few months! Here are a few samples:

I’m growing and learning with every session I get to do! I really enjoy it as a hobby and want to perfect my skills with each picture I take.


Let me just tell you, I am so thankful for this. I have been so blessed by the Lord to give me a faith that will not crumble. Even when people try to get the best of me. Whether it be at my job or in everyday life. I have accountability in my husband, closest friends, and family. Every year this is a goal of mine, to strengthen that faith. To learn to let my life go and put it in God’s hands. The biggest struggle for me is to give everything to Him. I know as Christians we can say this over and over, but to actually do it, takes great faith. I am so blessed by the people I confide in and grow with. I have lived by this verse, and continue to do so:

I look forward to blogging with you this year. I hope everyone has had a very happy 2012 so far!

God Bless,

Ps- We all survived Friday the 13th!


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