Sweet Home Alabama

Before Christmas, my husband and I were able to make a visit to my extended family in South Alabama. Both sides of my grandparents live there and my aunts. We had a lovely visit, an it was way too short. I love my family dearly, any time with them is precious.

One of my Grandaddy’s live on a farm. He has lived on this land longer than I have been alive. My mom, aunts, uncle, best friends, and my brother and I were all raised on this farm. At any given moment when I was younger, you could find me roaming in these fields or finding something to get into. Now that I’m older, I appreciate the beauty of the land so much more. I see it in a new light. It is such a wonderful getaway from the city life. There is nothing more peaceful than being out in the country. I wanted to take some pictures to share what I see through my perspective.

These pictures tell the story of the farm from sunrise to sunset.





Hope you enjoyed 🙂

God Bless,


PS: Today just happens to be my wonderful Grandaddy’s birthday!! Happy Birthday!!!





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