Turkey Trotting.

Welcome Holiday season!

I cannot believe yesterday was Thanksgiving! This year is flying by!

We started off our day bright and early in Ft. Worth for the annual Turkey Trot! This was my first time to ever participate! It was a blast 🙂 We walked up to the site and there was music playing and a TON of people around. People were dressed up and in great moods.

Santa made an appearance

I was fascinated by the turkey hats. Next time I participate, I will have one.

My husband was looking up all the info to get to the race yesterday and discovered that the Ft. Worth Turkey Trot is one of the largest in the nation! We decided to go big and run in the 10K (6.4 miler)! We began to line up around 8 and were the first group to leave (there was also a 5k and 1k).

From what we could see in front of us, it felt like my husband and I were in the front of the group. However, as we began to run, we could see ahead of us and were went not anywhere near the front. That was to be expected with the huge crowd I guess. As we got in our groove, we actually had a fairly good pace. I was thrown off with the few hills, tough when you train on flat pavement. We made it through!
We ran through a lot of neighborhoods, and a lot of people were out in their yard cheering us on! I loved it! My favorite point was passing a house with a sign in the front yard that said:

Give thanks to Him. Psalm 100:4

It just gave me the wind I needed to get through the rest of the run! I started praying right then, and I found the strength through Him! He is always around!

We finished in the amount of time we both hoped for so we were so excited! There is just something about finishing a race with someone else that is so fun too! Especially your other half!

Pardon the random guy with his shirt off in the background! Just noticed that…

We grabbed some water, caught an orange (literally), and headed home afterwards to get ready!

This year we spent Thanksgiving at my in-laws house! It was so neat to merge their traditions with mine. I’m seriously so so blessed with them! They are great people 🙂

I was the dessert maker this year for Thanksgiving! I had baked all night the previous night making these..

Pumpkin roll

and Pioneer Woman’s Dreamy Apple Pie.

I’ve been trying to find a good apple pie recipe for years and this one is definitely at the top of my list right now!! Soo yummy!

I’m just so thankful for all that He has given me in my life.
My family is loving, amazing, always there…
My friends are always there when I need them…
So blessed to have a job with co-workers who are pretty much my family…
and being a part in healing children. Everyday I work, I am reminded how precious life is. How you never know what might come at you. I am inspired by the childlike faith I see in those kiddos, and love getting to love on them! Although they don’t know it, they teach me things and inspire me with their incredible strength.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I’m looking forward to setting up our tree with the hubby today 🙂 Maybe a blog post will follow 🙂

God Bless,

Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise! Give thanks to him; bless his name!
Psalm 100:4


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