My first food truck

When I think of a food truck in the past, I think of construction sites. Those are the places the food trucks would always hang out. However, today food trucks are a much more popular idea. They are becoming gourmet restaurants on wheels. You can find anything from froyo to hot dogs to Mexican food, etc. Recently, my friend Beth introduced me to BigDFoodTrucks on Twitter. Through this feed, I have learned about many food trucks who travel throughout the DFW area during the week. One truck in particular actually hangs out in the HEB area! Turns out, they park really close to my best friends house, so we decided to go try it out!

We walked over to the Crazy Sisters food truck yesterday evening, and found it to be pretty hopping! They carry modern Latin and American foods. So we took a glance at the menu.


Everything looked so delicious!

I decided on getting one of their El Loco Burrito Grande with chicken, my husband got the Hawaiian burger with fries, and Krystal got pork carnitas tacos street style.

It was all very scrumptiuous! I definitely will keep this truck in mind on the nights I just want something quick but good! Prices were very reasonable! Many people were in line as we left, so that is always a good sign! Overall we enjoyed it!

Plus, you never know, you may get to meet up with friends while you wait in line! Our friend KP (on the right) drove by while we stood in line and ended up getting some food too! Catching up was nice since we haven’t seen her in a while!

If you live in the mid-cities, go try Crazy Sisters!! You won’t regret it 🙂


God Bless,




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