Life is sweet!

I have found my new addiction…Painting With a Twist. I had a previous post about “A lady in the Rain”  , which I painted a few months ago. Well, my friend Brandi (shout out!) and I found a fun painting called “Life is Sweet,” to do a few weeks ago. Allow me to show you the painting in making…

I know it looks intimidating to just go out and paint something like this, but it is so fun and relaxing! I like to take the progress photos just to show you how they step by step guide you through the painting. It’s a great time to chat and catch up with people! Me and Brandi are both nurses, and see each other about once a week. So hanging out, outside of work and the stress of our job was so nice! Love her!
Painting with A Twist isn’t just in Texas either, these are ALL OVER the USA! The 2-3 hour time slot is a perfect amount of time to just get together with someone and have fun!
If you love to paint, need to fill up some wall space, or even want to give it as a gift- Grab a friend and go!! Here are our pictures after our painting was all done!


Hope yall enjoyed! God Bless!



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