A night in Ft. Worth

A few weeks ago, my husband and I had a rare Saturday night off together! For those of you who are thinking I’m crazy right now and thinking, “don’t most people have weekends off?” We have odd schedules due to the fact that I’m a nurse and he is a police officer. He has been working weekends for the past year, so it unless he has class during the week or takes vacation, he is always working Saturdays. Thankfully we always have our days off together during the week (with less people around when we are out and about)!

This particular weekend, Restaurant Week was going on in the DFW area! What is restaurant week? Well, many of the more high end restaurants create a special menu for $35/person showcasing their food and inviting in people to try their food. We were in luck to find a restaurant on the list which I have been wanting to try for a while, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. There is a location in Ft. Worth, so we made a reservation there.

Here is the outside of the restaurant

The inside of the restaurant was beautiful! I couldn’t take too many pictures just because of the low light and so many people. They had cleared the table next to us, so I made sure to get this shot real quick.

We had a 3-course meal starting with a salad, then an 8 oz. steak with a side, and rounding it off with dessert. I love the way they bring out the steak! They bring it out on a 500 degree plate, that allows the steak to finish cooking as they bring it to you. Of course, they warn you when they bring out the plate not to touch it. It was a filet mignon, so I cut it in half (I like thinner meat), then let the inside cook a little more too. This was a little tip I got from my dear friend, Dorothy! Dessert was a small chocolate cake with a side of strawberries.

After dinner, we decided to walk around downtown just because it was such a nice night out. Here is what I love about Ft. Worth..

Horse drawn carriages are scattered through the street.

Lights in the trees along the street.

A wedding had just finished.

Beautiful outside seating areas

Amazing views (from the top of a parking garage)

All in all we had a nice night out together! We rented a red box…which are amazing…and went home.

Hope you enjoyed 🙂



2 thoughts on “A night in Ft. Worth

  1. Oh, Ash, I spent my summers, as a child, in Ft Worth! Way back in the ’60’s the downtown Ft Worth was an awesome place!! We’d ride the subway to all the “Bargain Basements” in the big stores, Leonards, Monnings, Striblings,,,,it was a wonderland for a child!!
    I ride Amtrak fairly often, one of my family always pick me up and we do lunch at one of the unique restaurants in downtown Ft Worth!!
    I’m so glad you and Craig got to enjoy the evening too!!

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