Sunset at the Lake

So sorry it has been over a week since I have updated!

We have had some exciting things happen in TX! I’m sure you’ve been hearing about our crazy 40+ days of 100 degrees and above in a row.

The 100 degree streak finally broke! It rained a little on Friday and Saturday of last week! Can I tell you how amazing that was? Especially waking up to the sound of rain and even better…falling back to sleep to the rain.  It has been a horrific summer here in TX…so you can imagine the rejoicing that happened when we all were able to experience rain again!

Last night, me and my husband decided to get out and enjoy this break in the heat. We went to  Grapevine Lake with our dog, Lizzie. The weather was actually in the lower 90’s and the sky was absolutely gorgeous!

I love it when you can sit outside and just soak up God’s beautiful creation! The colors he paints in the sky make you feel blessed to even be standing there enjoying it. The best pictures are the ones He creates.

Lizzie had a blast! She loved getting out and being able to run around off her leash! She was in heaven!

“Hi mom, can I have some water?”

She ventured down near the water…heard the boats…ran away from the water.

She loves to sit with her dad…

…and to sit with her mom!

…and to watch the activity out on the water.

We finished off the evening with some ice cream the ventured home. It was very nice to sit out by the water and enjoy the sunset! The moon was full and orange when it came out! Absolutely beautiful!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!



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