Girl’s night out

For my bestie’s birthday we decided to have a girl’s night out!

I had heard of this place called the DryBar on the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning show one morning on my way home from work. Let me just tell you about this amazing place…it’s every girl’s pampering dream. You can make an appointment for the night you are going out, going to a wedding (which another friend went that same day for that purpose), or just because you want to get your hair styled. When you get there, your stylist will personally greet you at the door, then show you all the styles they offer. You are NOT limited to the styles they offer, they can personalize anything you want. Then, they will wash (and massage) your hair, and blow dry it out in the style you want. All of this is only $35! Not bad at all. The one we went to was in Dallas at the Shops of Highland Park. Here are some pics:

This is their famous blow dryer chandelier
                                                    I loved the mirrors they had on the walls!
We both got the “Southern Comfort” style, but as you can tell it looks different on each of us! We rocked it like models!
The DryBar took about an hour or so total to complete our hair. We had dinner reservations afterwards, but had some time to spare. We drove to find the place first just to make sure we knew where it was and lo and behold it turned out to be in the same shopping center as….
We grabbed a cupcake for after dinner! K got lemon blueberry and I got dark chocolate. They were quite tasty later on that night!
Onto dinner… K has been reading a blog where they rave about the restaurant Hillstone. There just happens to be one in Big D! When I called for reservations they said they only take reservations for “parties of 4 and under.” How random is that? It is usually the opposite! Yay for the party of 2 having one up on the bigger parties. We were able to walk right in and be seated! Oh man, I can’t tell you how amazing this restaurant was! I would have more pictures, but the inside was very dark! When you are sitting there, the decor makes you feel like you are on an upscale yacht. There is a grand piano in the corner of the restaurant where someone was playing music the whole time. The service was outstanding! Our server was the nicest lady and never let our water glass get below 3/4 full. I ordered a house salad for a starter and a pork chop with mashed potatoes. K also opted for the house salad but with a Hawaiian style steak and baked potato. Oh my word…so so so good! The house salad had papaya, walnuts (which I ate independently of the salad), lettuce, cabbage, huge plum tomatoes with garlic cream dressing. Also, huge slice of cheese garlic toast to go with it!! After oooing and ahhing over the salad, our food came. The epitome of the meal! We each tried each other’s meal and loved all of it! We even had leftovers. If you need a place to go out for a nice dinner, try Hillstone!
Top: Salad

Bottom: Front is the pork chops/mashed potato; Back is Hawaiian steak/baked potato

Overall, it was such a fun night! We were able to discover new places in Big D and just enjoy a night on the town! Hope you can share a fun night with your close friends this week!
PS- I made the Red Velvet Cheesecake bars and they are quite amazing! Post will come soon!

One thought on “Girl’s night out

  1. I am so glad you and KRystal are such good friends!! She is just like a sister to you and I know she feels the same about You 🙂 THE red velvet cheesecake bars were awesome 🙂

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