Photo Montage 2

I don’t really have much to blog about this week. I have been working on some collages of recent pictures I have been taking. I love bringing my camera with me places and just capturing everyday life. So have a look and enjoy 🙂


Liz in all her cuteness


These are the flowers which have popped up in our yard lately. My favorite are our sunflowers! Ahem..Mammoth sunflowers. The tallest has grown up to 7 feet!
I was able to catch a grasshopper yesterday. He was as still as can be!


Remember the site Hautelook I mentioned in the previous post? Yes ma’am (or sir) these were bought from that site. Love them!


Oh and this is one of my favorite bakeries! Texas Star Bakery.
They made my amazing wedding cupcakes.
They made my dad’s amazing Alabama cake.
They make the most amazing red velvet and chocolate/chocolate buttercream cupcakes.
They are the best to share with family and amazing friends! (shout out to my L!!)

That’s all for now!
Next post…July 4th!


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