Discounts? Sign me up!

So everyday when I wake up, I check my email and I usually have several messages from discount sites. Discount sites have slightly become a new addiction. All the credit really goes to my bestie, Krystal. She has introduced me to all of these sites and they are wonnnnderful! Especially when I’m bored…they give me something to look at.
I would like to share them with all of you as well…

1. Hautelook
This site daily offers deals including fashion, everyday uses (such as furniture, decor, etc.), AND trip deals. This isn’t just for women, it is for guys as well. You really can find some neat stuff on here. I have bought a few items. One including a pair of Betsy Johnson sunglasses retail $70 for $30 (over half off my friends!!). Shipping is fast! These deals are nice as well because they last several days! So check it out!

This site is similar to Hautelook. However, the deals only last about a day. So you gotta jump on these as fast as you can! They have a lot of cute “boutiques” and also cover women’s fashions, men’s fashions, and travel! I have not personally bought anything from this site yet, but I always see cute clothes on here. Usually, they are sold out before I have a chance to buy! Check it out!
I found this site through some links on other sites. I had no idea that this was through the Kardashian sisters. I have to hand it to them, this is actually a smart idea. So when you sign up for this site, they take you through a style test. Based on the styles you choose, they create a shoe showroom for you. This showroom includes shoes, purses, and jewelry sets. Everything they sell is only $39! A good pair of heels usually runs you more than that! I have to admit, not a bad deal at all!! I personally don’t wear a lot of heels, but this site makes me want to! They have had some cute flats for my style as well! They really have some cute stuff! You get a discount on your first purchase as well! I am still looking for my first pair to buy, but when I do, I will share it with you all.
Last but not least, Groupon. Oh Groupon how I love thee! If you aren’t a grouponer, I highly suggest you become one! I LOVE LOVE this site! The premise of this site is daily deals for your surrounding city! So when I go on there, I specifially look at Dallas and Ft. Worth deals. These deals range from food, stores, salon services, anything you can think of! For example, recently they had a deal where you pay $10 for $20 worth of products from Old Navy! Who doesn’t like a little Old Navy in their life? Especially when it is 50% off? This site is wonderful for discovering new stores and things to do in your area! I’ve even started looking at areas I will be traveling to in order to find new and fun things to do. So far, one of my favorite groupon purchases is for zip-lining!

my Hubby and I
me and Krystal…see you can even include your friends on groupon deals!
I would highly suggest checking this site out if you already haven’t!
I hope you begin slightly addicted to these sites as I have…they save you money and help you find fun, new, and interesting things! They also help you find good gift ideas!
God Bless,

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