Mavs fan for life.

This post is dedicated to the new NBA Champs…
I have been a Mavs fan for at least the past 10 years. My dad started buying season tickets when I was in highschool. The first game I ever went to was when we first moved here and they were still playing in Reunion Arena (now demolished). Old school Mavs! They were not very good at the time.Over the years I have been to numerous games with my dad! One of the most memorable…2003 playoffs Mavs vs. Kings, Game 7. That game is really what made me start becoming more interested in basketball. It was so intense, the crowd was insane, and it was just all around fun to watch them win that game.

We had a watch party with my parents for game 6….
Liz and I put on our Mavs gear (as well as my parents).
The game was a blast to watch. When you have been waiting so many years to see such a great team win, it is  amazing to watch them blow the other team away with such heart that you know they were out to win it. Critics gave the grief but they pulled it out! We were all cheering and on our feet when they won!Here are some pics from over the years…

My dad and I on Easter watching the mavs! We have been to so many games over the years

Bethy came with me to a game! So fun!

Rooting on the Mavs in the 2010 All-Star Game. We have been going to games together the whole time we have been together.

Game 3… 2011 Playoffs vs. Heat
CONGRATS to the MAVS! You worked hard to get here and deserve it!

God Bless,
Ashleigh †

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