San Antone

Well it has been a few weeks blogging friends!
Hi, howdy, how do you do again?

A few weeks back, my best friend and I decided we needed a much needed getaway. So we went to San Antonio. We made a deal with one another after college to go on a trip together once every year. We will call this trip the minor trip of the year. Stay tuned for what is to come!

Anyways, we headed down to San Antonio on a Thursday, came back Saturday. We set out (stopping at Starbucks first of course) south on I-35. We arrived in San Antonio around 2pm, a little early for checking in, so we went to our first destination of food places…Ray’s Tacos. They don’t have an official site but I will just describe it to you. It is in the Hispanic district of San Anotonio in a little place that used to be a drive-in. There is only one word to describe the inside (wish I had took a picture of it)..and that is Ecclectic. There was all kinds of random stuff on the walls. We met a guy who I will call Ray (never got his name) upon entering. It seemed as if he was the manager of the place. He walks up to me and Krystal…while eating a popsicle mind you..and begins to chat with us. When he asked us where we were from and we told him, his response was “oh you’re from up north!” That was a first to hear. Quite entertaining. So we ordered some of their famous “puffy tacos,” and they were amazing!! Cheap too which is always a plus! Here is a picture of the tacos:

So then we were off to the hotel since it was right at check-in time! Ah the hotel…we stayed at Hotel Indigo right off the Riverwalk. It was a very modern and updated hotel. Here are some pictures:

This was the view we had from the street upon entering the hotel
The entrance to the hotel.

Now to the room. It was full of color and moderness. 2 queen size beds and a small living room area:

We decided after being in the car for several hours, we would lay out by the pool and relax for a little bit. So we did. Small pool, several kids who were quite entertaining to watch, and lovely sun. Then we decided to walk along the Riverwalk for an hour or so then we went to dinner.
Dinner was at a BBQ place west of San Antonio called Texas Pride BBQ (featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives). We thought maybe since it’s a Thursday night it wouldn’t be too crowded, but we were oh so wrong. Turns out every Thursday is BIKER NIGHT. So we fit in very well with the crowd 🙂 (note sarcasm). The food was amazing and the crowd was very nice. Here are some pictures of the place:
Pictured: Smoked Chicken quarter, Ribs, Mac & Cheese, green beans, and sweet tea to drink of course. All served on a tray and wrapped up in paper. Awesome. Some of the best BBQ. Would HIGHLY reccommed if you ever head down that way. My hubby was happy to get the leftovers I brought home with me.
Friday morning we both slept in some (because night shift workers never do that), then headed for brunch at The Guenther House. This is the home of the Pioneer River Mill. Ever bought the Pioneer Pancake mix? Then you know the brand! At first we were told it would be a 45 minute wait (for just the 2 of us)! So we got our pager, browsed the museum and store, and of course got a cup of coffee to sip. Turns out we only waited about 20 minutes! Their menu is breakfast and lunch items, and breakfast is served all day. They have inside and outside seating, we lucked out and sat inside. Here are some pictures:
Their special that day was banana waffles. So I ate them…all. It was amazing. Yum!
After the most amazing breakfast we hopped in the car and drove to Lake Comal to float the river. It was perfect too, windy (to push us along) and warm (meaning the water wasn’t too frigid). The last time we went was almost 2 years ago and there was hardly any wind and the water was freezing. It was perfect this time. It took us about 2 and half hours to float the “short float,” then we headed back to the hotel.
That night we went to our favorite restaurant on the riverwalk:
I know San Antonio is known for their Mexican food and probably has tons of good places, but Casa Rio is one of my favorites! It is another place you have to wait for but it is definitely worth it!
Saturday we headed home but we stopped at our favorite place to eat by Lake Travis: The Oasis. The food is good but the atmosphere is what you really get to experience at this restaurant. It has tons of outside seating on a deck overlooking Lake Travis. If you go on a pretty day or at sunset, it is gorgeous! Here are a few pictures I got that day:
Beautiful no?
That was our trip in a nutshell. Fun girl time all around! We always have the best trips! My goal from now on is to take plenty of pics on all my trips and review the places I go. Maybe it will help others when they are planning! Anyways I hope you enjoyed this post 🙂

Have a blessed day!


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