I am a Warrior.

Today, I completed the Warrior Dash.
Years ago I would have NEVER wanted to do anything like this.
Today…I want to do it year after year.
What is the warrior dash?
It is a 3.24 mile run/obstacle course. Ending with mud…lots of mud! There were 13 obstacles..all fun and crazy!

It was incredible! First of all, I had some of my closest friends from work all run with me, and it was amazing! We stayed together, encouraged one of another. Best of all- laughed at everything together. Just all around fun!

Here are some pictures..

Here is the crew unloading off the bus to the run site!

Here is the entrance…TONS of people! Funny thing was we were all in different legs, but just ran it together. So awesome!

Our “before” picture. Clean and ready to get down and dirty!!

In between this and the next pictures…allow me to fill you in on the obstacle courses.. (taking a camera with you on this run would be impossible so I will put it in words)

1. “Slithering Swamp”- COLD COLD water!! Filled with getting splashed from a certain resident. But it made me and my “buddies” go so much faster!
…ending with lots of slippery muddy hills.

2. “Terror Town” basically going through a “ghost town” looking scenery.

3. “Road Rage” aka tire jumping (yea knee highs) and climbing over CARS. I wish I could have had my camera for that one!

4. “Barricade Breakdown”  Jump over then going under barbed wired wood x5. I felt like I was in track.

5.  “Great Warrior Wall” aka climbing up a wall with a rope, then going down the wall without one.

6. “Teetering Traverse” A huge balance beam!!

7. “Blackout” crawling under a pitch black trench! Definitely have to watch your hands in this one.

8. “Chaotic Crossover” crawling over tangled ropes

9. “Hay Fever” hay hay! easy hay bail climb. Doesn’t mix well with allergies. Post nasal drip anyone?

10. “Cargo Climb” Climbing UP and down a bunch of nets. Basically an adult jungle gym. Yes someone actually said that while we were doing it.

11. “Deadweight Drifter” going back into the water and climbing over floating logs. This time the water felt wonderful…of course after doing everything else!

12. “Warrior Roast” see picture below 🙂

Jumping over burning LOGS! I made sure and stayed towards the edge. It was an adrenaline rush.

13. last but not least…. THE MUDPIT

Oh yea…. you HAD to submerge yourself because there were low laying strands of barbed wire. Also you had a guy with a foghorn telling you to get down or your hair would get caught. Pretty sure he was telling me that..

Don’t ever say I’m a girly girl. See picture above ^

How did the group look after finishing you ask?

Muddy…muddy…and more muddy. Fun times!!!

I love my co-workers/BUDDIES!! We had such a blast. If you EVER have a chance to do something like this, DO IT! You will not regret it!

Finally we ended the day with some Twisted Root burgers, fried pickles, and did I mention the watermelon sweet tea?? I wish I could find the recipe for that tea. Of course that would be the death of me.

This weekend was a blast!!

Life lesson to come of this– Sometimes the Lord sends you through the mud to help you find what’s on the other side. Yes, it is hard and intimidating, but He will guide you and teach you through it all. The Lord is in everything you do. And there is always a reason. always.

That is all for now fellow bloggers!
Have a great week!

God Bless,

Warrior Ash

ps…cool gear you get (plus a t-shirt)

Ok for real I’m done..

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