Finally…my pictures can be uploaded

Finally, my husband has fixed my technical issue. I had a barrier to uploading photos for the past week. But, all is well now, and I have pictures to show! Ready…here we go…


I love this picture for a few reasons…
a) the fact that I was able to catch my dog in action

b) its fresh, beautiful snow
c) the classic image of my dog pondering what to do with this white stuff


She decided to go out in the snow…but she stood there a few moments to get the feel for it. She’s so cute.


Obviously…she enjoyed the snow 🙂


We call this our “sorority pose.”
These girls see me more than most of my family do. This night was filled with laughter, good food, fun games, and just good times all around!


Now onto PW pics. One of my inspirations to start blogging again. Here are her books. Love her so much!



Before we made it to meeting Ree, Emily and I stood in a short line to meet her husband, Ladd aka “Marlboro Man.” He was a genuine cowboy and nice guy! The amount of older women swooning over him was amazing. haha. Women make me laugh sometime.


We were team green! Border’s uses armbands to designate what group you are to wait in line. I think we stood around the store for a good 4 hours before finally getting in line. Dedication? Yes.


Finally, we made it up to Ree! She was so nice. My pictures of course were blurry because I trusted the Borders employee to take them. Never again. Ever. Oh well.


Two friends, one Pioneer woman and a long, fun night.

The end 🙂
God Bless,


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