Cracked out purple

I have a new love for nail polish…and pedicures. I went with Em today to test out a new nail place. It is called Pure Vida, and guess what? The people there are friendly, don’t rush you, or talk about you in a different language in front of you! A little more comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

As a lot of you know before you sit down in the chair, you have to pick out your polish color. Well of course I head straight for the purple shades, find a pretty metallicy color, and think I am ready to go. Oh no. I over hear another lady talking about a newer shade they have just come out with that get this…cracks when you put it on! It sounded so different, I had to walk over and check it out. So I did, and thought it would be neat to try something different! It is called OPI cracked out:

It is so fun!! The metallic purple went on first, then they put this cracked shade over and within seconds it really starts cracking! It makes your color almost look like an animal print. I was attempting to take a picture of my feet but I figured I could spare you that picture. In addition to my fun color, the people working on our pedi were so nice and social with us! We had some fun conversations! Emily’s guy was literally cracking her up and making her laugh 🙂 haha. I will sum up what they did…spa…sugar scrub…warrrm towels (ah!)…parrafin wax (….amazing)…and polish. Just all around greatness.

After our relaxing pedi, we ventured down Main street and went to sample my friend’s bakery- Legacy Cakes! It was so cute and the owner, Megan is just as sweet as I remember!
Sampled some cakeballs, part of them did not make it home 🙂 And just had the Snickers cupcake..oh my goodness. Loved it!

So Valentine’s was yesterday. I know a lot of anti-Valentines people and I agree it is a commercial holiday. What? A married girl saying that…yes. I agree. I don’t feel the need to have one day to tell someone you love them, I tell my husband every chance I get. As it should be with anyone you love. So instead of getting dressed up and going out, what did we do??
I’ll give you a hint:
from 5pm-11:30pm with Brad and Em, waiting to get this book signed:
by the one and only Pioneer Woman!! We waited in line based on wristband color. There were about 7 groups total…we were in group 5- team green! Me and Emily luckily were at the beginning of our group but stood in line for a good 2 and a half hours solid. What did we do during the other time? Got some coffee, hung out with our husbands, had some good conversation, and met Marlboro man of course! It was quite fun! We learned how catty some women can be when in a line for a long time…I will tell that story if you ask. It would be  A LOT to read on here. Let’s just say, I’m learning to stand up to people more and more. Thanks nursing. Can I just tell you it was well worth the wait?! Ree Drummond is so so nice, genuine, humble, and just all around down-to-earth! We had a fun mini conversation and she made a point to make a connection with every person there. It was great! I do have pictures- they will be uploaded later this week 🙂
Also-I have to give credit where credit is due to Greg and Brad. They sat in the bookstore the ENTIRE time with us and did not complain once! And they were both supportive and happy for us! Ladies- there is definitely something amazing about marrying a godly man.
We ended the night on some late night breakfast at Buzzbrews (after attempting about 4 other places that closed.) Late night meals are always fun! Me and Em got some hot chocolate and the waitress drew some hearts for us. It was fun and decorative! I’m pretty sure we all crashed when we hit our pillows last night.
The beginning of this week has been so eventful! My friends are a blessing to me and I am so thankful for all of them! Until next time my friends…

God Bless!

“Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting;
but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised. “
-Proverbs 31:30

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