heart happy.

He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.
Colossians 1:17

Such a powerful verse. We talked about the Lord’s supremacy last week in church. Oh, how I needed to hear that so much. God always knows what you need.

So last week I was randomly watching the news (a rare occurance), and I see this news story about the “hometown hero.” Turns out to be a former adule AML patient who had a bone marrow transplant telling her story and how she participates in an event called “The Big D Climb.” This event is held by the Leukemia & Lymphoma society, and takes place at Fountain Place in downtown Dallas. (pictured below)

I think it has only been around for a few years but I thought it was interesting. Goal is just to climb 52 flights of stairs to the top! You raise/donate money to the fund in order to do this. Why not? I work with this evil disease on a daily basis, so it would be neat to participate in this event. Of course I research when it is, and it turned out to be going on this past Saturday, I found out last Tuesday. A little too short of a notice to make a team, but hey Beth did it with me. So, at least I had someone to do it with! It was a lot of fun!!

This was right before. All in all, it took maybe 20 minutes? Fun though! Next year, I will find out in more advance so I can gather more people to do it with. Of course, Saturday was so beautiful out, afterwards we grabbed coffee and just strolled through downtown! People were being so friendly and asking us what we had done since we still had our race numbers on haha! Of course who knows…Troy Aikmen has been telling people to be nicer during the super bowl so maybe that’s why? Oh wait, people in TX don’t have to be told to be nice! Sorry soapbox.. Back to topic.
Lizzie got a haircut this week…just in time for the winter blast! Poor thing is going to hate being outside this week. But anyways, I took my camera outside and watched her for a bit. Lizzie by the fence
nose in grass
grass on nose

Then to end last week…I attended the wedding shower of a dear friend-Miss Rachel! We had a great caregroup that went through A LOT together! I have been friends with these girls since 10th grade, most of them have known eachother even longer. It was so fun! We picked right back up as if we all saw each other yesterday! Just an all around fun afternoon. Her wedding shower was full of bliss (no pun intended :).

Dear friends

Next post…snow in Texas??

God Bless,




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