Photo montage 1

I have been staying up late the past few nights editing pictures. Photoshop is slowly but surely coming back to me. I took a multimedia class in high school that taught me a lot…but that was a while ago. I also had step-by-step instructions from packets. Oh, how I wish I still had those. They made it so easy. Using new tools and pressing “undo” have gone a long way so far 🙂 So here are a few to share..

Monster cookies

A fresh batch of monster cookies out of the oven.

Lizzie chasing a ball

Lizzie flying through the air at the dog park. She is becoming quite the photogenic dog.

Monster trail mix example

A close up of some Monster trail mix..yum!

snooping around the kitchen

Lizzie…again 🙂

My mixer after working hard

Close up of my mixer after working hard!

Sprinkling a red velvet cupcake

Sprinkling sugar on a Red Velvet Cupcake. I would have to say so far this is my favorite.

I hope you enjoyed! Let’s see if I can come close to any of PW’s pictures. I’m learning everyday!

God Bless,



One thought on “Photo montage 1

  1. Lizzie looks like she is saying, "You're taking my picture again Mom!" love the sprinkles with the cupcakes!! I definately think they are Pioneer Woman worthy 🙂

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