Nothing fancy

It is so nice/weird being done with school. I don’t have to ever pick up a nursing book if I don’t want…no studying…ah its great! I’ve actually started reading a book for leisure and not because I have to. Nicholas Sparks’ Three Weeks with My Brother. So far it is really good too. I was scared at first because he is primarily a fiction writer but this book is non-fiction. If you haven’t heard of it- the story is about a trip he took with his brother around the world combined with stories from his childhood. As always, he knows how to keep a readers attention. I have brought it to work with me the past week for those times when literally there is nothing to do. I do like those times!

Work has been pretty easy-going for the most part. I feel like I have my routine down for the most part. However, I still get that overwhelming feeling at times. There is so much to learn since I work on such a specialized unit. I love learning about the disorders/treatments/etc! I’m doing what I love. That makes a difference in your attitude towards learning. Nursing comes natural to me. There are so many aspects of it, and that is what makes it fun. I know I’ve began my career in what I’m supposed to be doing. I love not only taking care of these kids, but just being that person they can trust and want to play with. Last weekend one of my patients who I had taken care of consecutively during my shifts gave me a hug out of the blue. It seriously melted my heart. I know I probably had the biggest smile on my face as I thought about how that made it more clear this is where I’m supposed to be. Everytime I left the room after that she would give me a hug. It made my night! When a patient calls out to you in the hall because they remember you as their nurse is also a very rewarding feeling. I just love kids so much. They continue to amaze me everytime I’m at the hospital. I know I could never go through what they do and still feel like a kid- but somehow they push aside the fact that their sick and still act as if nothing is wrong.

I have 2 more weeks until I switch back to day shift. I have been on nights since the end of June, so I’m ready for the switch. Time flew by but I feel like most of my time was spent sleeping or working. Hopefully it won’t feel like that anymore 🙂

Well that is all the rambling I have for now! Have a wonderful day!
God Bless

On a Night Like This by Dave Barnes
On a night like this
I could fall in love
I could fall in love with you

In this dark so dense
We talk so soft
The way young lovers do
The days last sight
Turns to cool nights breeze
And this love hangs thick like these willow leaves

I’ve hid myself away from this
But your silhoutte is the Judas kiss
On a night like this
I could fall in love
I could fall in love with you

…if you haven’t listened to him- look him up on myspace. He has a really soothing voice 🙂


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