Triumph in humility

Its really kind of funny to me that the topic in church today was “triumph in humility.” Humbling yourself is one of the hardest yet rewarding things you could do.

humble: low in rank, status, quality; to make meek.

I think that is one of the hardest things to do. Humble yourself. Make yourself lower than others. Why do we do need to do this? As a Christian, it shows the love of Christ to others. You don’t have to directly talk about God to other people, you can do it through your actions. It is hard to come down below other people, especially when you don’t agree with them about certain things. When you do it though, its definitely a feeling of release. A feeling that you’ve done all you can and if that person still doesn’t agree with you then all you can do is continue to be humble and yourself. God has a plan for everything. If you follow in His ways and pursue the Spirit He places in you, then He’ll carry you through the troubles you face in life.

I love this picture on my site. It is a cathedral in downtown Ft. Worth. There is a cross at the very tip of the chapel. I tried to get a picture of the cross with the sun behind it but it was really hard. Here is the best one I could get. Its amazing.

Thats about all I have for now. God bless!


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