Nursing and Friends.

Hello blog community.

It has been a while since I have kept a blog. I want to start again and start using this as my thought outlet. My life is at an in-between spot right now. I am done with classes, all I have left is to complete 12 twelve-hour shifts before I graduate and go on to be what I have been called to do- a nurse. God has instilled this desire in me since a young age. When I finally entered nursing school, there was never a time when I question that I was supposed to become my life long dream. School was not easy. Nobody should ever think becoming a nurse is something that is easy to do…it is not. Nothing has ever been so challenging to me. Nothing in life is supposed to be easy. Nursing is not easy. Honestly it shouldn’t be seeing how people’s lives are in your hands every single day that you work. I’m proud to say that I made it. I’ve made my way through nursing school and about to enter into the nursing world.
Onto the subject of this blog.
A true friend…what is it?
Someone who will stick by your side through thick and thin.
Someone who you can talk to about anything and everything without being judged.
Someone who will spur you on to be a better person. Not a bitter person.
Someone who you can fight with but trust enough to talk to about whatever is bothering you.
Someone who you can call at any time of the night and they will stay up with you.
Someone who will cry, laugh, and understand the rough times.
The list really can go on and on. Everyone has their own definition of a true friend. Life brings you more and more insight about what a friend is. Everyday friendships change- for better or worse. I really believe God places people in your life for a reason. You can learn a lesson through every moment. You may get hurt or you may discover a new attribute about another, but there is a reason. I don’t know why people react the way they do sometimes. I guess thats why God made us all different. We all have a unique identity. Not every identity will mesh together, but God has a purpose in everything. Friends come and go. If something happens to a friendship, all you can do is remember the good times, hope the best for the other person and go on with what Life has for you. What God has for you.
I’m not one to bash/hurt other people through the internet. But the one who is reading this and understands all of this. Know that I am still here for you. I don’t understand things, but I do know that God has not made me the type of person to hold a grudge or hate anyone.
That is all I have for now. But I wish the best to all.


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